Collaboration to Overcome Stunting: The Role of Bappenas and SUN in Handling Malnutrition Cases


According to data collected, as high as 37,2 percent or around 8,9 millions babies suffer from stunting (Riskesdas, 2013). In 2016, this prevalence goes down to 33,6 percent or around 8,1 millions babies (Sirkenas). Because of this prevalent stunting issue, Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) seeks to overcome nutrition problems with multi-sector involvement through collaboration between the government, civil society organizations, business worlds, development partners, and academics by forming SUN Networks Indonesia.

In 2020, SUN Networks Indonesia consists of 25 Ministries / Institutions, 11 Development Partners, 40 Business worlds, 34 Civil Society Organizations, 22 Universities, 15 Professional Organizations and the media. SUN ensures cross-sectoral coordination and stakeholders can run effectively from the central level to the village level.

To measure and accelerate nutrition improvement in member countries, SUN also conducts Joint-Assessment which is routinely carried out every year by involving all SUN Networks. Each year, SUN holds an Annual Meeting to share knowledge and good practices regarding efforts to reduce stunting in Indonesia. This forum is also a forum for SUN Networks and other parties who care about the issue of community nutrition to collaborate and network.