Cegah Stunting

Everyone Is deserved to Free from Stunting: Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) for Those in Need

Stunting does not discriminate whether the sufferer comes from a wealthy family or not, therefore everyone should have the right to grow properly free from this condition. Therefore, for poor families with pregnant women, children under five and school children, the government provides Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH). Families who receive PKH will get cash if the conditions include pregnant women coming to the health service at least 4 times, children under five come to the posyandu every month, and school children attend educational facilities.

The implementation of PKH is assisted by assistants who have the task of increasing the knowledge of target families about health and nutrition. In carrying out their duties, PKH facilitators are given training on health and nutrition and are equipped with kits to provide family development session (FDS) to target groups.

With the presence of FDS, it is expected that family knowledge and awareness about health and nutrition can be increased so that the cash obtained can be used to improve the quality of nutritional intake of pregnant women, children under five, and school children.

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