How does Keluarga Berencana Play a Role in Lowering Stunting Numbers?


Stunting happens not only because of nutritional deficiencies in children, but also limited understanding of the parenting done when the child is in the womb. Unfortunately, there are still many risky pregnancies (too early, too tightly, too much, too late) done at the childbearing age that endangers both for the mother, as well as for the child. This is what the Keluarga Berencana is working on to organize and accompany the couple of childbearing age.

Keluarga Berencana aims to regulate the pregnancy of the childbearing age, including preventing premature childbearing as well as the how close the time-distance of the pregnancy so that it may help in improving maternal health and ensuring the adequacy of child nutrition. Keluarga Berencana intervene in specific interventions such as preparing for prospective mothers since adolescence, including avoiding early marriage.

As described above, the KB program focuses on female reproductive health. A mother is advised to plan and regulate the distance of pregnancy well, so the child who was conceived and born healthy and less risk to suffer from stunting.

So there’s no harm if we follow the Keluarga Berencana’s program to avoid stunting due to risky pregnancies