The Danger of Stunting


Malnutrition, in a long period of time, can lead babies to suffer from stunting. Stunting is dangerous in anyone’s lifetime. This occurs because a prolong malnutrition since birth that can cause the failure of organs development. There are 1.5 millions (15 percents) of child mortality under the age of five and 55 millions of Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) caused by stunting (Ricardo dalam Bhutta, 2013).

The quality of nutrition for babies actually depends on the mothers. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) during pregnancy can increase the mortality rate in pregnant mothers, babies, and it also can cause transgenerational malnutrition. Anemia during pregnancy is already contributing hugely to maternal mortality whereas as high as 23 percent.  Malnutrition mothers can suffer from CFS and prone to give birth to stunted babies and/or underweight babies.

Underweight babies have greater risk to stunting, it can come from the retained effect in the womb or also undeveloped growth after birth. Underweight babies later on in their life can grow up shorter than most of healthy babies and for grown women, this condition can cause higher risk to carry stunting babies. Furthermore, stunting can be seen in teenage years.

As we have learned, we can contribute to stop stunting together.