Cegah Stunting

The Importance of Childhood Parenting Education and Counseling for Parents

Good parenting plays an important role in stunting prevention. Parenting is closely related to the behaviour and habits practiced by family members. For example during pregnancy, mothers are encouraged to eat nutritious foods, pay attention to personal hygiene (personal hygiene), and do fun things that can be a positive stimulation for the baby during the womb.

No less important, the provision of parenting counseling for parents. Parenting activities are aimed at increasing parental knowledge and skills in applying appropriate care to children, including improving parenting to prevent stunting. For example, providing PAUD access, promoting early childhood stimulation and monitoring children’s growth and development. Efforts to reduce stunting in PAUD and BKB (Bina Keluarga Balina) are carried out in two ways, namely: (1) providing balanced nutritious food in accordance with the conditions of child growth; and (2) introduction of balanced food and other factors related to stunting through Educational Game Tools (APE) used at Posyandu.

Parents also need to be enriched with information about nutrition. Messages on nutrition and health, family planning, prevention of early marriage, etc. need to be done continuously so that people want to change their behaviour in preventing stunting.

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